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Simple To Complex

Typically, newbies in Ironcult start with a bodybuilding routine.  Newbies lack the strength to coordinate all the muscles to a correct movement pattern.  A bodybuilding routine is a very simple way to teach the dynamics of safe strength training.  However, after a few weeks of familiarizing with simple movement patterns they can transition to complex movement patterns, which are mostly functional.

Bret Contreras endorses my view in his book titled Strong Curves:   A Woman’s Guide To Building Better Butt And Body.  He says, “Mobility and flexibility, stability and strength, and motor control are interrelated and work together to form sound fundamental movement patterns.  New clients are typically deficient in all three areas and quickly gain proficiency in their form by simultaneously improvements in all three categories.  Their core muscles get stronger, which informs the brain that it’s okay to move through deeper rages of motion.”

I believe it all boils down to your brain suggesting that what physical movement you do is actually safe, which apparently takes some time.  On a similar note, I have seen few clients who excelled in the gym, instantly, as they were athletes.  On the flipside, I have seen clients who are new to physicality moving like retards.  However, I have seen them getting better after a few weeks.

What is the take home message?  Simple to complex movement it is!

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