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Single Finger Pull-up

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • July 7, 2009

Here is a video which showcases me doing a single finger pull up.  Trying to achieve mastery over a movement takes time. But, at the same time, I am glad to inform that I wasn’t carried away with any of these strength feats. I was never obsessed with any particular movement. Contrarily, anybody can become obsessed with these movements and try to master them, but it may turn out to be very detrimental to the body, as repeated performance of the same movement day in day out my result in some nasty injuries which may force us to stay out of training for quite a long period. In addition, we may actually encounter permanent injuries.

However, I have to say that many years of consistent performance of the pull up including various variations helped me to do the single finger pull up. I could have never imagined doing a single finger pull up the day I started training at my house. I first started training with a few adjustable dumbbells and bars. There are many repetitions, sets, routines, days, months, and years of training pull ups BEHIND executing a single finger pull up. I strongly believe that performing weighted pull ups helped me to develop strength in my fingers which in turn helped to perform the single finger pull up. Back then and even now, I rarely indulge in performing strength feats. It is not wrong to perform these feats, but one should not do them as being the only means towards achieving long-term strength and fitness.

Nevertheless, a well structured training cycle centered towards mastering the desirable movement performed consistently will help us to perform it effectively. At the same time, it is most important to listen to our bodies and be heedful about any warning signals, as these strength feats can jeopardize our efforts by causing serious injuries.

However, I have found that some of the difficult exercises to be relatively easy for me to perform. Nonetheless, it would be beneficial if we consider developing strength and fitness in its totality. It is good to have short term goals, but we should know that life is a marathon, and optimal results don’t occur overnight.

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  1. Amasing, was that vshwa sir or someone else..anyway it is stunning performance guess there would be a spring in his arms.

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