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Sledge Dragging.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • January 13, 2011

Thursdays has been dedicated to train the posterior chain(entire back musculature) at Ironcult.  However, beginners would be working out on very simpler form of exercises, and advanced athletes, as stated above, would work exclusively on the posterior chain.  Usually in gyms the posterior   chain is neglected, for they would all be interested to train their chest and bicep, as those muscles are conveniently visible in the mirror.  Developing those muscles would prompt us to concentrate more on them.  But it should be known that the posterior chain which involves, the back of the neck, entire upper back muscles, lower back muscles, hips, hamstring, and calf should be given ample consideration while training.  For the same reason, we at Ironcult dedicate an entire day for training the back musculature.  Perhaps, it won’t help in boosting your ego, for building bicep and chest would invariably do that, but possessing a strong back is paramount.

An individual with a strong back will have lesser incidents of back ailments.  For example, we have heard that among many individuals a simple fall would have caused serious back ailments such as herniated discs; whereas, the chances of injuring their back among individuals who have stronger back would be relatively less.  It is very well known that IT professionals who are prone to sit for long hours are susceptible to back injuries, so it is essential for them to possess a stronger back.

It is very well proven that sledge dragging is one of the best method to build a strong back musculature.  Sledge dragging  in conjunction with deadlift, swing, farmers walk, and reverse hyper extension strengthens the back musculature to an unmatched level.

Do enjoy the adjoining video.

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