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Socrates Quote.

I have several quotes hanging on the gym wall. These quotes were picked from the numerous collections of quotes that I have. I will try to explain the reason behind why I pasted them on the gym wall. I will pick one on each day.

One of my favorite western thinkers is Socrates. As you know, Socrates was Plato’s teacher and Plato in turn was of Aristotle’s teacher. Both are touted as the worlds greatest philosophers.

One of the quotes that hangs on my gym wall is by Socrates. He says, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Perhaps when you consider from a fitness perspective, the words by Socrates may not make sense. But I, as an individual always try to look for a deeper meaning in whatever I pursue. In that case, fitness being an integral part of life, it makes sense to treat fitness as a way of life. When it comes to life, I definitely feel that it should be thoroughly explored. We are human beings. Unlike animals we have the power to reason. For that matter, food and sex are not the only thing that can appease us.

I endorse the views of Socrates. I think we are way superior to animals. Let us prove that by leading a thoroughly examined life.

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