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Something To Ponder About

I cannot stop appreciating Frank Forencich, who is the author of the immensely thought-provoking book Exuberant Animal. The more I read the book the more I love it. There are various interesting topics that the author has discussed in the book. The topics make you to think deeply and question your preconceived notions. If it was possible, I would have loved to read it aloud to you.

Speaking about stress, the author says that usually you would like to take an opinion of your doctor– rightly so. But Forencich says, “Surely doctors are an authority on this issue. Someone must have given him the directions back in med school and he’ll just tell us what to do. In fact, I would encourage you to do this, just for the field work if nothing else. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to work.”

“In the first place, doctors are busy doing triage and they don’t really have time to teach us about how to live in this modern world. In general, doctors are postemptive medical providers. They’re trained to work on sick and injured people after the fact; preemption is simply not part of their world view. If you’re not currently sick or injured, they’re generally not interested.”

Isn’t this something to ponder about?

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