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Something To Reflect Upon.

I have relished studying The Purposeful Primitive. The perspective provided by the author, Marty Gallagher, is unique and thought provoking. I have always enjoyed books which stimulate the mind.
The excerpt below is simply intriguing. I cannot not entirely agree with the thought that we are primordially programmed to struggle, but, on the other hand, I cannot debunk the proposition either.

“People run in crazed circles all around the fitness Mulberry Bush, chasing one exotic mode, method, procedure or product after another. They all seek the mythical magic bullet of fitness: a method or mode that will enable them to effect a transformation without the disciplined deprivation, without the teeth-grinding physical effort, without the struggle. Life is struggle. I love what my purposeful primitive brother-in arms, Ori Hofmelker says, “Life in paradise would be rugged!” We are primordially programmed for struggle yet we seek to avoid struggle at all cost. Struggle is the precursor to true transformation: Without struggle there is no transformation.”
Is not this passage something to ponder?

2 thoughts on “Something To Reflect Upon.

  1. A very nice blog post Sir! Quite a startling thought it is indeed! I may not have studied all the classics but here is my response as far as I have understood your post and of the experience I have gained!
    Struggle in one’s life erupts not to evaluate the individual’s strengths and capacity to withhold; instead it builds a stronger character in the individual. If people understand simple secrets of life, then they would have all their mystical thoughts comprehended.
    Since, you have mentioned about the fitness-activity – it is again an ambiguous term; people perceive the definition of ‘fitness’ in their own ways.

  2. Thanks Suhasini. As far as the passage from the book goes, as I have reiterated, I don’t entirely agree that we are here to struggle. As you have stated that fitness is an ambiguous term the word “struggle” too is obscure. And, yes, “fitness-activity” is perceived differently. I believe the author has spoken from a fitness aficionado’s perspective.
    I hope this helps.

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