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Spot Reduction Is A Myth.

I don’t know how many times I have blurted out that spot reduction is a myth. I also very well know that this myth is never going to die. No matter what, I will continue to state the fact about spot- reduction: It is a myth.
Do you think bodybuilders can get away with only doing abdominal exercises in order to obtain abs? Do you mean to say that all the intense weight training routines, painful cardio sessions, and strict dieting is a crap?? Do you mean to say that a bodybuilder merely needs to execute some crunches to possess a shredded midsection? For example, I have competed in bodybuilding 4 or 5 times. When I competed, I weight trained intensely, watched my diet with precision and performed gut- busting cardio to burn the fat so that my midsection would be shredded.But how can you foolishly suggest to me that performing a few abdominal movements could have compensated for all of the weight training, cardio, and dieting. Was it all a big mistake on my part?
Marty Gallagher, is a three time Master Powerlifting Champion, a Teenage National Olympic Lift Champion, who, in 1991 coached the United States squad to victory at the World Powerlifting Championships. Over the last thirty years he has written over 1000 articles in two dozen fitness publications. Gallagher rightly states in the Magnum Opus, The Purposeful Primitive, “Abdominal exercise does not, can not, and will not preferentially melt off body fat that lies atop the abdominal muscles.” Period. He further adds, “Excess calories turned into body fat are stored away in random fashion. Science has never been able to say definitively that there is a discernable pattern as to how the body stores fat, or how the body draws down from those fat stores.”
My men! Please wake up from your deep slumber! Face the facts! Possessing a ripped midsection is gut-wrenching! We do not have any magic pill to do the trick! All you have to do is bust your ass! Last but not the least; do not solely rely on some abdominal exercise or some esoteric regimen to do the trick, for they will surely not help.

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