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Squat Rules Briefed and Continued

Breathe into your belly, not your chest: Normally, when we breathe in our chest expands. However, we have to breathe into our belly. Filling the belly with air adds to a greater stability of the spine resulting in efficient heavy squatting. So we have to take a big gulp of air and hold in our belly. This needs practice, and the more you practice the better you become.

Never use the tampon bar. Ever: A tampon bar is the pad that is put around the bar. The padding allows the weight on the bar to sit differently causing an unstable stress on the lumbar spine. It can also cause slipping and even moving the center of gravity. Moreover, the extra padding can cause severe strain on the shoulders leading to debilitating injury.

Smith machine squats aren’t squats: I believe, by far, working on a smith machine can be the most idiotic thing to do. You can read my thoughts on free weights v/s machines for further understanding. Click here. Basically, a smith machine is a classic example why we should not perform movements on machines. A smith machine puts tremendous undue pressure on the knee joint and the lumbar spine. It can repetitively stress the joints and cause severe injuries. A smith machine is a big NO.

I have an expensive smith machine in the gym. However, we use it only to rack the Olympic plates but never to squat.

All the below remaining squat rules merely emphasis the importance that squat is an important movement not to be neglected. Some even term it to be the king of all movements; Whereas, some say that the deadlift is a better movement than the squat. Well, if you ask me include both the movements in your training routine and reap the benefits. Both are essential movement patterns, or neglect at your peril.

If the Russians are doing it, you should too.

You ain’t squat if you can’t squat.

Women are encourages to out-squat their partners.

A squat is the foundation of all fitness programs.

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