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Squat Rules

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • December 12, 2013

Squat rules: Courtesy LIFTBIGEATBIG.COM

1) Half squat produce half results.

2) Not Squatting is bad for the knees.

3) Heels down, chest up, knees out, butt back.

4) Breathe into your belly, not your chest.

5) Never use the tampon bar. Ever.

6) Smith machine squats aren’t squats.

7) If the Russians are doing it, you should too.

8) You ain’t squat if you can’t squat.

9) Women are encourages to out-squat their partners.

10) A squat is the foundation of all fitness programs.

I believe that most of the stated rules are adhered in the gym. I, however, want to add another rule to the list: Squat and deadlift barefoot or wear a thin soled shoes. Why? The answer is extensor reflex. This reflex causes the leg musculature to contract in response to the pressure on the sole of your foot. It is a protective measure against loading. “Research suggests that always wearing shoes diminishes the sensitivity of the foot, which may turn off the squat friendly reflex” says Pavel Tsatsouline, an elite strength and conditioning coach. He further states that the extensor reflex recruits the leg muscles in a precise pattern according to the direction of pressure from the ground. Poorly designed shoes may redirect the pressure where it does not belong – and alter the proper recruitment pattern. Besides, shoes with high shock absorption delay the transmission of pressure to the sole of your foot.

Expensive shoes look handsome. It has no place, however, in a squat rack. On the contrary, an inexpensive canvas shoes suffices and beware of the softly cushioned shoes.

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