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Stanislaw–the Champ

This 104 year old man is Stanislaw Kowalski.  He is truly inspiring.  It gives me goose bumps when I watch the video.  Perhaps, this video confirms that age is just a number.  If this ripe old man be physically fit why can’t you?  The answer is laziness.  Period.

You use your body or you lose your body.  By the way, is it wrong to be physical?  You should know that you nourish your body through physical activity.  However, you should not get physical if you are marred by grave health issues and I believe most of us are wrecked with a very bad disease—laziness.  Moreover, to add to our woes we tend to provide several reasons not to be active and continue to eat in excess; thereby abusing the body.

Stanislaw, the champ, says, “It’s better not to eat enough than to eat too much.”  I hope this statement rings a bell in your head, for, likewise, I have always believed that less food consumption, generally, is good for longevity.

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