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Steroids Using Bollywood Stars

I recently saw a picture of Shahrukh Khan posing his 8 packs.  This is disastrous, as it misguides many youngsters, who look up to Bollywood stars as their role models.   It’s also a big joke, because I being a fitness instructor for 15 years know very well that the body Shahrukh possess is chemically enhanced.  The only person whom I respect in this regard, in Bollywood is Akshay Kumar.  He possesses a natural physique, and has openly spoken about the ill effects of getting into such practices.

He says that even after working out for the past 32 years, he still does not have more than 4-6 abs. And that is because he has never resorted to any shortcuts for building his body, as he believes in building a strong healthy, long-term body. While many stars flaunt their bodies and show off not just their 6, but even 8 and 10 packs now.

However, note that Akshay is wrong when he says that he does not have more than 4-6 packs–abdomen.  Whether you possess a 6, 8 or 10 packs, it depends on your genetics.  Perhaps, Akshay meant that no matter how much he gets shredded, naturally, his 4 or 6 packs are only visible.  On the flipside, if you can zoom in the picture of Shahrukh you can see that he has obtained a 10 pack and is shredded to the core.   Posing a low body fat percent and retaining the muscle within a short duration of time indicates that Shahrukh is chemically enhanced.

Aren’t these steroids using Bollywood stars the role models of young India? Aren’t these men responsible citizens of our country? So many youngsters are inspired by these men.  They try to follow them and tread the same path.  Most of the Bollywood heroes possess a good physique—a dream physique.  That plays a dirty trick on the young minds.  They hit the gym, but soon realize that building a dream physique is impossible if you try to attain it naturally.  They fall prey and start using steroids; thinking that if my role models are using steroids then it should be okay for them to use it.

What do you think is the way out?  I would like to say its awareness.  But whom are we addressing?  These men are not young children who possess great minds which can change for the better.  On the flipside, we are dealing with young and vibrant men who are acting like teenagers.  You know that a typical teen brain is set up to take risks.  It may be driving fast and, in gym parlance, supplementing with steroids. The typical young man influenced by Bollywood stars says, “Come on, I can’t lift weights for life and thus require several years to obtain a great physique.  All I want is instant gratification.  Living in the present you know.”

Considering the psyche of these young men who fall for instant results, the only way to stop them, I believe, is to prohibit them.  Strict laws should be brought to stop this menace.  Stop this threat before it blows up to great proportions.  Isn’t it also the responsibility of these actors to declare that they wouldn’t be using steroids?   Perhaps, stating a disclaimer:  “None of us from the film industry either use or encourage the use of steroids.”  A collective decision is the need of the hour to stop this nuisance.

“If you don’t take care of your body, your body won’t take care of you.”  BUBGreat.



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