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Steve Says…….

  • By Vishwanthar on Health

  • February 2, 2016

One of the reasons I frequent Facebook is to read what my coach—Steve atlas says about various topics.  His thoughts have always provided me food for thought.  Today I read his thoughts on food addiction, which I think is an eye-opener.  He says;

“The physique isn’t difficult to get. What IS difficult is the breaking of eating habits to addictive foods (and therefore) chemical imbalances that thwart the body in its ability to get where it wants to go- THAT’S difficult!
In 22 years in teaching, well over 90…closer to 95% of all my students that struggle with the body they want is because they simply cannot give up the comforts of foods and drinks they’re addicted to.
Until one can break the cycle….it’s the hamster in the wheel phenomenon.”

I replied saying, “Oh is it? Hard to believe that they cannot commit when it comes to eating healthy. It’s all in the mind I believe. What do you have to say sir?

Steve in reply to my view says, “It’s not always about the thinking mentality- addiction is serious. I’m taking about a chemical imbalance where the cravings for garbage food is so great it supersedes will power and big changes with the right support system must be made.

Why do so many that lose weight put it all back on? They never actually addressed the heart of the issue..

Addiction is a major problem- and until it’s dealt with it’s like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.”

Personally, I can’t relate to that.  Perhaps, I have had an easy way to deal with my addictions.  On a similar note, yesterday a doctor friend of mine who frequents the gym also said that addiction is a very serious matter, and it’s extremely difficult to deal with it.  I, however, didn’t agree when he said that, but now I change my views.

Addiction is indeed a serious matter.  I believe we need to overcome that by addressing the very core of the issue instead of reacting to the symptom.  For example, say you want to quit smoking.  Perhaps, you need to avoid the trigger points.  The trigger point maybe a friend of yours who accompanies you while smoking.  Avoiding that friend till you break your habit might be a sane idea.  You will have to concretely come up with ideas to break your habit.

Your thoughts………………

6 thoughts on “Steve Says…….

  1. Hi.I believe food addiction is a real and more prevalent issue.Most of us go through it but we don’t recognize it as an addiction .I for one has been addicted since my childhood and didn’t recognize it till recently despite my prolonged battle against the bulge.But i think we as a society find it very difficult to relate food to addiction ,hence the difficulty in managing it.

  2. In the book, The Little book of Talent by Daniel Coyle, Tip 46: Dont waste time trying to break bad habits, instead, build new ones because habits are tough to break. The solution is to ignore the bad habit and put your energy toward building a new habit that will override the old one.

    The above seems to me more effective than trying to attack the problem head on.

  3. Sushmitha, I pity you. However, on a positive note you know what’s wrong. Now comes the action plan to defeat the habit.

  4. Addiction of all forms, in addition to its organic causes, has lot of confounding factors that individually form the bars of the cage that we get trapped into eventually and at times without our own knowledge. Trying to break-out of this cage is a personal battle for each one of us. I fight my own war everyday and I know that it just is not an easy one 🙂

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