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Stop Complaining.

I believe we have all shared this email before. Now, this email is formatted into a video, which I will present. This email/video puts everything into perspective. The all-important question we should ask ourselves is, should we complain about what we don’t have? If your answer is “Yes, then what about these people who are truly struggling to meet their ends?”

I haven’t digressed from the topic of our discussion. Yes, I know that I am here to talk about fitness, but isn’t fitness about bringing a balance to your life? Don’t you wish to have a sound body in a sound mind? You cannot always stay healthy by complaining. Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, what you do are in harmony.”
I hope you find some time to watch this heartwarming video. Do watch it, for it will bring some solace for your so-called wounded souls.

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