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Stop Procrastinating.

  • By Vishwanthar on Health

  • March 14, 2011

Anyone of you is gaining  fat?

Anyone of your lipid profile–LDL–bad cholestorol–is on the rise?

Anyone of your blood sugar level is on the rise?

Anyone of you is falling sick more often?

Anyone of you is feeling enervated and wants to get back his energy?

Anyone of you want to be athletic?

Anyone of you want to get stronger?

Anyone of you want to build muscle?

The answer to the above queries lies in physical activity.  All the above ailments can be alleviated to a great extent by being physically active except the last three, which can be achieved only through strength training.  Moreover, strength training is required for one and all, for it can help you to preserve and increase your muscle mass at any age.  Strength training also  helps to develop strong bones, control your weight, reduce your risk of injury, boost your stamina, and manage chronic conditions.  So, you see that strength training rules over other physical activities.  Incorporate strength training into your daily routine, for you will never regret doing so.

In addition, when it comes to gym parlance I dislike people using statements such as, “I will join from Monday” or “I am going to start from the 1st of this month.” For me, it is now or never.  As Mary C. Crowley rightly says, “Two words that can make the difference:  START NOW.”  Let us all stop procrastinating and just DO IT.  I would love to quote what Andre Agassi says in his autobiography, OPEN,  “Go kick some butt.” This statement was usually said by his trainers, coach, and children whenever  Andre Agassi was about to play a match.  I believe you will have to kick your own butt here, for the devil in you is saying to delay the process, but  I repeat:  START NOW.

PS:  How strength training is beneficial in developing stronger bones, controlling your bodyweight, reducing the risk of injury, boost your stamina, and manage chronic conditions?  To be Continued.

2 thoughts on “Stop Procrastinating.

  1. Sir.. i strongly agree your statement “which can be achieved only through strength training”,
    one feels managing job and then gym is very difficult as we get tired by the end of the day and not to get strained any more by further physical activities.. but I myself have observed such a drastic changes after joining gym.. i will be so energetic after that i can even work out at gym and after that i can manage house works also..
    we will be charged rather than tired by strength training…..

  2. Thats good to know. So we see that its not only talk but walking the talk, for I am not just stating theory, but my gym clients are living examples of what I say. By the way, the feel good factor after a bout of strength training is because of endorphins. You feel elevated because of this stress and pain relieving hormone, which is released after strenuous physical activity.

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