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Strength In Poland.

The demonstration in the accompanying video is a true testament of the human potential. I received an email from a client of mine where this video was attached. The email forward was titled “Strength In Poland, “for I am titling the blog entry with deep respect to the athletes in the video with the above mentioned name. These men are impossible to stop. Watch the video, and you will be amazed and wonder whether this is humanly possible. What interested me more was the functional strength that these two men exhibited: The strength, flexibility, and enduring the pain when the body produces more lactic acid burn. These men are insane and true legends who seem to have crossed the pain threshold. By all means they look very powerful, and didn’t in anyway look like our beefed up bodybuilders who pose huge muscles but never have the strength and power to match their physiques. It unquestionably means that these mainstream bodybuilders use all possible (legal and illegal) ways to flaunt their physiques. Their intention is to build muscle irrespective of strength and power. Strength coaches all over world suggest that the workouts should always be aimed towards strength, power, and endurance as the above gained physical traits would have a positive carryover effect in our day to day life. Moreover, bodybuilding with the sole intention of building humongous muscles puts undue pressure on the tendons, joints and ligaments. Let’s see what Dr Mel Siff has to say about why building muscle with the only intention to exhibit them can be detrimental to our health. For further reading on the same topic please read my blog entry titled Functional Training and its Benefits. Dr Siff says, “Research has found that hypertrophied (increase in volume) muscle fibers need a significantly larger tissue volume to perform a given quantity of work. With the development of non – functional hypertrophy, the increase in muscle mass outstrips the development of the vascular system. This results in diminished nutrition and oxygenation of the muscle, slowing down of metabolic processes in the muscle and less efficient disposal of metabolic waste products from the musculoskeletal system.” In addition, it is needless for us to worry about muscle mass, for gaining muscle is a byproduct of weight training even if the training is aimed towards strength and power.

I hope and believe this video sends a potent message for all of us to train like real men. These men are true legends in every sense. Enjoy the video, which you will for sure. These men have to be applauded for this physical accomplishment, for it is one of a kind.

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