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The most underrated component of fitness is strength.  Generally, we would like to either enhance our cardiovascular health or flexibility improving drills or we may embrace running as the one and only means towards health and wellbeing.  Alas!  We forget about the very foundation of health and wellbeing.

Strength, I believe is the missing component among many of us.  You require strength not only for building muscle to flaunt but more importantly to better health and well-being.   Building strength has several benefits, but writing about the benefits of strength is beyond the scope of this write up.  However, for example, I can single out one of the best reasons to build strength–possessing a stronger core you will obtain a lower back, which is made out solid iron.  You know that too many of us are marred by the vulnerability of the lower back muscles.  Our lifestyle demands us to sit and work for long hours, which has turned into a bane.

It can also cause various problems.  What do you think is the way out?   You will have to either quit working for earning your daily bread or for the better build a rock solid core; a stronger core which can sustain the daily physical pressures of life.  How do you build a stronger core?  The only place where you can build a stronger core and also healthy joints is through strength training in a gym.    Moreover, as they say that prevention is many times better than cure.

So, building strength—functional strength, which can carry over to daily life is paramount. The purpose of building strength is simply larger than building muscle.  However, strength building routines can be a real pain, for they rightly say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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