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Stretching and Flexibility

When you think of flexibility to perform better at any given task you want to stretch to develop flexibility. However, never assume that everyone needs to stretch for the sake of stretching. Most people think of stretching as something that changes the structure of muscles and connective tissues, making them longer. But the tendons (the connective tissues that attach muscles to bones) have very little ability to lengthen. Moreover, involving in vigorous form of stretching without prior knowledge or participation is unwarranted. It can lead to serious injuries.

It should also be well thought on the kind of stretching exercises you want to include, for each method has its own purpose. For example, static stretching should be used with great care. You can either benefit from it or not. For instance, static stretching before strength training is usually not recommended. It is well documented that strength of the individual spirals down. So, static stretches should be judicially applied in one’s physical training repertoire.

Moreover, perform a variety of exercises that take you through a full range of motion. There is no point in increasing flexibility for its own sake. However, in gym parlance, you should be flexible enough to move freely and perform all the basic movements.

So, include static and dynamic stretching to make you more flexible; rather than performing those stretches for the sake of stretching.

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