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Strongman Workouts

When it comes to functional training, strongman training tops the list– lifting heavy tyres, pushing and pulling heavy sleds, farmers walk.   However, note that the demand on the nervous system is huge, so it is suggested to train them once or twice a week.

We at ironcult are fortunate as we enjoy the existence of a stadium very near to the gym.   It’s a blessing that the authorities allow us to carry the strongman equipment to the field and work out there.  Although on Fridays sprinting is the bread and butter workout routine, we also perform strongman routines.

On the flipside, after March 8th, formally and actually summer sets in following Mahashivarathri.   At Ironcult several of my clients execute fat loss routines during summers.   Moreover, this year I have planned to include a well-structured exclusive strongman regimen to the workout routine not on Fridays but some other day at the gym.   Tyre flipping, prowler, yoke walk, farmers walk, etc—will be the tools used.  I hope we will be able carry it out successfully.


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