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Sujay the Champ

I know that it is habitually taken for granted to appreciate one’s repeated achievements. Nonetheless, what Sujay has achieved cannot be even dreamt by many of us—naysayers the least. I am extremely proud to say that he has continued to compete in powerlifting though the sport has not provided any benefit, whatsoever. It is solely the passion that drives him.

He competed in the 1st Asian unequipped Powerlifting Championship 2012 recently held at Coimbatore. He totaled 590 kilograms, and placed 2nd in the overall total. However, he won the gold medal in the squat and deadlift.

Enjoy the video.

PS: We are fortunate, as the intricacies of the powerlifts were taught by the champ in the recently held workshop at Ironcult.

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