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Sujay: The Superman. And My Rant On The Powerlifts.

The exploits of Sujay continues.  He has accomplished a new feat by squatting 250 kilos.  The adjoining video tells it all.  This feat has to be commended, for squatting 250 kilos by a drug free athlete is simply supreme. As I had said earlier, Sujay is pursuing powerlifts and squatting is one among the  lifts.

Powerlifting is about three lifts:  Squat, deadlift, and bench press.  I truly believe that these three main lifts should form the basis of ones strength training regime.  Of course, you should thrown in pullups, clean and press and few other auxiliary movements to make it more complete.  On the other hand, if you are interested in Olympic lifts, which comprises the snatch and clean and jerk, you can include bench press, deadlift, squat, and other compound moves to tweak the routine to make it more effective.  Nonetheless, it should be known that merely practicing Olympic lifts can itself contributive to a complete workout.  It mainly depends on the individuals purpose and aim. In addition, the most beneficial part about a powerlifter or an Olympic lifter is that they are lifting to become stronger in their respective lifts, which is paramount.

A few men at my gym who deadlift and squat heavy– more than 300 pounds in each lift– might ask me, why is that we perform many other movements in conjunction with the powerlifts? In other words, they can ask me why can’t we be done by performing the powerlifts alone?   As a trainer, I honestly feel that an individual needs to develop many other fitness components to make  him more complete and functional.  And though building strength takes the center-stage in our  fitness regimes,  it is not the sole factor in dictating our routines.

I am not suggesting that what I am preaching is correct.  Fine tuning the routines is an ever growing process. We are still learning the Olympic lifts and that itself might indicate that we are not complete.  It also depends on my gym clients purpose, for most of them frequent the gym to get fit, strong, lean, and healthy.  For, though I personally love the powerlifts I cannot coerce my gym clients to engage in that alone.  As a trainer I have to address their concern too.

Enjoy the video.

PS:  No pun intended towards powerlifting.

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