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Sujay’s First Powerlifting Competition.

The Karnataka State Level Power lifting Competition was held at Bantwal district on July 16th and 17th of 2011. A total of 250 to 300 members had enrolled for the competition.
Sujay had hinted that he wanted to compete in a power-lifting competition, for he very badly wanted to get a feel. And this was the chance. He enrolled his name for the above mentioned competition. As he weighed 94.5 kilogram he was included in the 93 to 105 kilogram weight category. There were 18 members in his category and among them 6 were National champions.
Though Sujay had totaled more weights, which we all know, he aggregated 540 kilograms in the competition: Bench press: 100 kilograms, deadlift: 235 kilograms, and squat: 205 kilograms which placed him second in his category.

I believe Sujay being placed second in his first competition, which is a state level competition couldn’t have asked for more. But he did deserve to win a place, for we all know his prowess.

I should thank him, for he was conscious enough to film the lift, as we all can watch him exhibit his strength. Above all, I congratulate him for placing second in the competition, and I wish all the luck for his upcoming competitions.

Enjoy the video.

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