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Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Story).

Last week, Rocky movies were played several times in a movie channel.  I was fortunate to watch it three or four times back to back in that span of one week.  Many of us were discussing about Rocky movies, as I heard that many of my gym clients including my Brother had watched it several times. To many, Rocky movies may sound corny, but to some of us these movies mean a lot.  The intensity which Stallone carries with him in the movies is immense.  Be it the training part or the matches, we will continue to view and enjoy it.  I also saw that my daughter enjoyed the movies, for she was with me watching the movies whenever she had an opportunity.

Now, coming back to the video which I am posting it again in the blog; I had posted this video in the blog 2 years before.  The earlier video which I had posted has been disabled, but now this new video that I am posting recounts the same story and can be viewed without any hiccups.  Since many of my clients spoke to me about Rocky movies in the gym, I thought this video which briefs up the  initial struggle of Stallone would inspire them more.  I have honestly felt that his life story is also invigorating like the Rocky series.  Listen to the story, for you will enjoy it for sure.

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