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We at Ironcult have been visiting and trekking different places since several years.   We typically travel on Friday night, trek on Saturday morning, stay back in the night and come back to Bangalore by Sunday night. Last time, January 2016, we trekked Mullayangiri which is situated in Chikkamagalur.  It’s the highest peak of Karnataka.  On a similar note, this time we trekked Tadiandamol on Saturday the 24th of December.  Although we have visited several places, Tadiandamol is a unique and untouched place.  Its memory will be etched in me for a very longtime for several reasons.

The trek to the top of the hill was treacherous but very fulfiling and adventurous.  Tadiandamol is also the highest peak of Madikeri.  I personally had a tough time to reach the summit.  My ataxia coupled with fear of heights—acrophobia further complicated my hike.  Ironically, one of my gym clients who assisted me in the journey repeated my own words and said that you can do it Those words annoyed me, as the journey wasn’t challenging me physically.  However, it questioned me on a very deeper level.  It challenged my very existence.

Nonetheless, I marched forward, as I wanted to prove myself wrong.  The descent as I thought was even more troubling and painfully slow.  I absolutely lost control and had a difficult time balancing.  A gym client and my subordinate assisted me to get down without any hiccups.

Last but not the least, the panoramic view of the hill after I reached the peak was beauty at its best.  Although I am not huge fan of clicking photographs, the green blanket on the hills enticed me to click a few pictures.  It was indeed heavenly.

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