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The Atlas Award Goes to……

I believe, a well-deserved compliment from my coach which says that I am bestowed with the Atlas award for 2015 is a moment I am truly proud off.  The award typically goes to a person who has achieved the status of “above and beyond” in their training says Steve atlas.  You know by now that I am training with Steve Atlas for the past 9 months to learn the front lever, hand stand, and planche.

I am extremely proud and, at the same time, humbled to express my gratitude of achieving this award.   Well, all I did was and is to give my best while I am training.  Moreover, when there is a special focus as you are being watched by a great coach, you want to perform better.  I just did the same.   This provides the impetus to better myself at whatever I do.  Also, each time I read the below passage written by Steve to announce my award, it gives me goose bumps.  I will continue to cherish this award and moment.


This is what Steve says:

“The Atlas Award for 2015 goes to….


Each year I select someone who I feel has achieved the status of “above and beyond” in their training with me. Typically, this honor has gone to the people that I work with in person, but because of the far reaching internet I’ve had to make a concession to the convenience of this rule. As it happens, the person that truly has inspired me this year has done so in stunning fashion all the way from India.

I remember first working with Vishwanthar Ramaiah several months ago, and from the beginning I knew this would be different.


Firstly, what you need to understand is that Vish (as I like to call him) has a neuromuscular condition that doesn’t allow his body (mostly lower body) to coordinate like the rest of us. Having studied his progression clips carefully, he has proven a level of tenacity few people can comprehend. The more I watched and was a part of, the more I was moved by his determination. Each skill increased, his shape has changed


We take for granted to most menial of tasks that we’re able to carry out and do with our bodies each day. Vish has never shown me attitude of “I can’t do that” or “it’s too hard”. He just does the work, and it’s a lot! The skill sets that he has are truly inspirational as he serves to continuously work to perfect his body to its potential it is afforded.


I would like everyone to give pause to an individual that is worthy of being lifted up. Vishwanthar Ramaiah, your name will be put on a plaque inside the Atlas Movement for all to see as you are the award winner of my award for 2015-it is the highest honor I can bestow: earning this title is not an easy one but there was no way you, like your outlook on life would be refused…and your online training for 2016- It’s on me!!!”


Sincere Love and Respects Champ!


Last but not the least; it’s a great honor when Steve says that the training for 2016 is not being charged.


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