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The Blind Side

“There is nothing sadder in the world than the waste of human potential. The purpose of evolution is to raise us out of the mud, not have us groveling in it” said Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Emmy award winning American screen writers. How many of us realize the unquestionable potentiality we possess? I believe many of us fail to realize the true strength we bear in ourselves. I have to recall what Robert Heinlein, American novelist and fiction writer, had aptly said about losing our way; he says, “In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” How true the above statement is? If you review the video of Rocky Story which is posted in a previous entry, you can recollect that Stallone didn’t want to procure a job though he was starving, couldn’t pay for heat in his apartment, and though his wife was screaming at him to get a job. He didn’t want to budge, as he knew that he would lose his hunger to achieve his goal. He also knew that his hunger was his true strength. He knew that if he ever worked he would be caught up in that rhythm, feeling okay about life. Now we can see how the above quote by Robert Heinlein that we become enslaved by daily trivia is serving to be a sensible assertion.
You may call the man in the video is either destined or lucky; whatever, he truly has proved the potential in him. It is a story about exploring unknown territories; a story about tapping the innate potential a man possesses. He could have succumbed to drugs, street fight or any other contemptible trait; instead, he chose to live life like a MAN. It should be known that drug use is prevalent in the US. This man will truly inspire you.

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