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The Bottom’s Up.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • April 29, 2011

The Bottom’s up exercise executed with a kettle bell is a staple at our gym. Vertical pressing is an important component of a strength training regime. And bottom’s up is one of the exercise which has to be given a serious consideration. It rules the roost when it comes to strengthening the stabilizers of the shoulder joint. In addition, individuals with shoulder injuries can press the kettle-bell in this fashion painlessly, for pressing movements commonly causes discomfort to individuals with shoulder problems, and here the bottom’s up pressing comes to our rescue.
Since this exercise strengthens the stabilizers , it therefore assists in building a strong shoulder joint from the inside-out. If you can view the adjoining video you can clearly see that right after cleaning the kettle bell when they start to press it, the inherent wobbly nature of the kettle-bell forces these men to first stabilize it and then press it. Also, the pressing occurs when the elbows are in right in front of you, which is a favorable position for pressing.

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