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The Could phase

I will quote Isaac Newton to brief about my association with my mentors and coaches from whom I continue to learn tremendously.   He says, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”  I am not suggesting that I am a master of physiology and nutrition;  rather, I feel I am still a student who never stops to learn.  However, the reason I quote Newton is to say that Dan John is a great coach from whom I continue to learn, and I can relate to what the great scientist says.  I have seen great giants in the field of exercise physiology, and one among them is Dan John.

On a different note, I never see good writers restating their statement.  However, I find Dan stating three chapters in two of his books.  Moreover, I would like to commit the same mistake by blogging on the same subject twice.  Interestingly, earlier whenever I reiterated I would feel guilty, as my mentor, Todd Reinhard, while teaching me English writing skills said to me that I should never be repetitive. Ha! Since I am standing on Dan’s shoulders I don’t feel guilty to repeat.

I will quote Dan verbatim in this context and then follow it up with my opinion to speak about the could phase.

“The could phase is the beginning of the path to success.  The concept behind could include the belief and the knowledge that one might possible be successful in taking these steps.  Generally, when people start using could, they seem to have a basic understanding of the path ahead of them.

In fact, they may even know the destination.

You know, I could lose a couple of pounds.  I could do the low-carb thing.

You know, I could get to the gym a little more often.  I could go right after work.

You know, I could keep a little better eye on my diet.

Knowledge is power in the could stage.  You know what to do , but just don’t seem to find the power to do it.

And you know what?  Not one thing I’ve written so far matters, because to be truly great, you’ve got to make your goals musts.

And that, my friends, is the key to success in sports and training.”

I believe if you are in the could phase, the transition to the must phase is relatively easy.  Perhaps, you may lack the skill set to reach from point A to B, but, on the flipside, you possess the right mindset.  You are all set to go the distance and that matters.  Moreover, they say, “When the teacher is ready the master will appear.”  So, help is on your way if you are receptive to learning.


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