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The Food Files

I often watch a television series called Food Files in the National Geographic People channel, which is hosted by Nikki Muller. She brilliantly hosts the show.  She briefs us on the pros and cons about various food and food products.  On the flipside, last week when I was watching the show, she made an interesting statement, which struck my mind.

Her statement was about chocolates being healthy or the other way round.  She generally made a statement about chocolates, which was intriguing.  She says, “A minute on the mouth but a lifetime on the hips.”  I hope you could understand what she says.

On the flipside, I rarely indulge in eating desserts or sweets.  Nonetheless, I am well aware of the occasional craziness.  I have noticed that the sweet tooth usually occurs when I am short of calories.   But, I pity those men/women who crave for food.  I very well know that several of them are born with a slow metabolic rate—endomorphs.  They gain fat tremendously and also are foodies.  A slacking metabolic rate coupled with over eating augments the problem.  I believe the one and only solution is to be aware of the ill effects of overeating and the subsequent diseases which would result by excess fat gain.  Moreover, making gradual healthy lifestyle changes would be the sanest thing for these men.

Lastly,  chocolates do carry some healthy benefits.  They contain plenty of antioxidants and may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.  However, you end up eating loads of sugar.  Moreover, the sugar free forms of chocolates are loaded with fats.  So beware what you put inside your mouth. The statement, “A minute on the mouth but a lifetime on the hips,” might be indeed true.

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