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The Friday Drills.

The Friday drill continues relentlessly. Working out in a gym environment (indoors) can be very boring; Whereas, working out outdoors can rekindle the fire in you. Though the Friday workouts are extremely grueling, we all enjoy the outing and give our best. I believe, the camaraderie between our gym clients is eminent, as they all share the warmth among themselves because of the Friday outing.
Enjoy the video.

PS: Three of my gym clients are participating in the World Sunfeast 10 Kilometer race, which will be held on Sunday the 5th of June. You can actually view in the video, for one of my gym client (Dr Shyam) is practicing for the event. Do wish them all the luck.

2 thoughts on “The Friday Drills.

  1. This is really really fantastic routine. Hats off to you. I would have imagined that this kind of exercises happen only in the US – that’s what you watch in YouTube. I am really proud that you have been doing it here in India. I live in Indiranagar so not sure if I can join your gym (but would love to) but was wondering if I can join your drills one of these days. BTW I ran the 10K too – somewhat limping in 1:03 hrs.
    All the very best and keep up the great work

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. You are welcome to join us. Good to know about the 10k race. Few of my gym clients competed in it. Thanks again.

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