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The Friday Fury.

Another Friday has come, and today’s morning cone drill was a brain teaser.  Many of my gym clients struggled to get the hang of the routine, but right after the first round they picked up the hint and fared well.  The basic idea behind this drill was to accelerate and decelerate.

You may ask me why is that I should decelerate while running?  Do you know what separates the fast athletes from the rest?  The answer lies in how quickly they can decelerate.  Apparently, deceleration doesn’t apply to track athletes, for they are required only to accelerate; whereas, football athletes and the likes need to emphasis their training more on deceleration.   It is also well known that deceleration training plays a major role in injury prevention, as a large percentage of injuries occurs while deceleration.  For example, landing from a jump, rapid change in direction, etc.

Since we at Ironcult have adopted many training ideas from the athletes many of our training methods simulates what they do.  Athletic training is more functional than the typical workout performed at a gym.  And it is functional training which serves better in improving the individual’s activities of daily living.

It’s now time to enjoy the adjoining video.   Do feel the adrenaline rush in you.  And do watch us performing the sledge hammer and the much relished tug of war.


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