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The Muscle Up

I am fan of this upper body explosive movement—the muscle up. I perform this movement not frequently but randomly. For, each time I attempt to perform the movement it gives me jitters. I believe I am at awe the moment I know that I have to move up the body in such a dynamic way. This is one of the movements that I am really proud of. Nonetheless, at the same time the fear of failure sometimes sets in and imposes me to abandon it. Moreover, my elbows take a huge brunt whenever I fail lifting myself up. All in all, I do have mixed feelings—dread and awe that goes parallel. I believe for the same reason to pigeonhole something as good and bad or healthy and deadly might be wrong, for such things are multifaceted. Al Kavado rightly says, “Between black and white, there are many shades of gray.” How true!

I am also happy to video my colleagues attempt of the muscle up. He achieved 10 repetitions, perhaps, at ease. However, we both are not pleased with these attempts. Here in third video that I have posted you can view a women performing muscle up in a subtle and effortless way. She is tutored by Ido Portal. Ido Portal says about Summer who is his student,” Summer has been training with us for 9 months now. She came in the door with an ability to do 5 chin ups and a 10 sec shaky handstand, limited mobility in the shoulders and bad scapular stabilization from years of Yoga and Cycling. Summer = dedication. Couldn’t ask for a better student, couldn’t be prouder of this amazing woman.”

Someday, I would love to do muscle ups with such finesse. You can watch her muscle up in the beginning of the video. Moreover, she continues with other ring work which is awe-inspiring. I am truly humbled watching her perform the moves with precision. I am sure you too will be surprised. However, please don’t compare our attempts with Summer’s.

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