The Must Phase

The last part of the series is the must. Making musts, I believe, isn’t as grave as the should phase or even the could phase. First and foremost, if you are in the must phase you are mentally prepared for the long haul. Once you are psyched to do it, it’s a matter of time to finish the task. Think about the mission at hand and know why you want to do it. Thomas A. Edison says, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” So, finish the task and don’t feel guilty. However, I will quote what Dan John says about Making Musts. Perhaps, you might adopt his ideas.
“So, how do you make things a must? A couple of ideas—
First, put it out there: Tell people what you want to do and enlist their help. Talk to people who have done what you are attempting. Let them know what you want to do.
Second, grab the Alpo or whatever will stimulate you to do what you have to do or not do. What is your life would bring enormous pain? Here’s an idea: If you don’t lose those 10 pounds, your parent/spouse/friend sends in your application, signed and sealed, to join the Marine Corps or the French Legion. I can guarantee those 10 pounds will come off in the boot camp.
Next, and this is an odd one, start acting like you’ve already achieved the goal. Hit the beach like you lost those 10 pounds or buy new clothes with the finished goal in mind. Stat acting like you’ve accomplished something and, often before you know it, you’ve accomplished it.
When you succeed or fail, generally it comes back to the question that’s plagued actors for a century: What’s my motivation?
Sniff some dog food along the way and see if that helps!”
Whatever is said and done, know that the task at hand is a problem and solve it. It’s a must to solve it.

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  1. The final one has the feel of a punch in the stomach to those of us who are still in the should phase…..I guess it is time to move our butts and get out there to do what it takes to reach the ‘must’.

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