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The Myth That Never Dies……………

We live in an information era where knowledge is readily accessible.  Yet, I see more and more women who still think strength training is not for them.  They say, “no way, I am not lifting weights in a gym, weight training will make me bulky.”

Well, I am not repeating what I said earlier.  I am sick and tired of doing that.  However, I am going to post this beautiful picture for you to think.  Lastly, as the statement rightly says,  “Lifting weights don’t make you fat, but the junk food you eat makes you fat.”  Don’t lay the blame on the poor iron.   On the flip side, the iron will help you to get fit and healthy for a lifetime.  Click here to read more about Weight Training and Women  Debunking The Myth and click here Women Get Muscular Lifting Weights?12036845_10153499436841117_3993473999457312594_n

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