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The Open 10 Kilometer Race

Wow! A tiring and taxing but a tremendous learning experience—the Open 10 kilometer race. Many of my gym clients and I ran the 10 kilometer race on Sunday the 27th of May. I am glad that all of my gym clients proved their mettle by completing the race.

Most of my clients were unsure when they embarked to participate in the race. They doubted and asked me, “Can we really do it?” “Perhaps, we should run the Majaa race”, which is a 5 kilometer race. One of them asked me,”Will we not lose muscle?” I said to them that they could do it, and I didn’t want them to participate in the Majaa race. I knew that a 5 kilometer race would be quite easy and that it would not be truly challenging. Lastly, yes we lost some muscle and strength to lift weights. Yet, on the other hand, we gained oodles of confidence. We proved to ourselves that we could do it. All in all, we gained more than we lost.

PS: Most of us were in the first 1500 finishers. That makes us eligible for a T shirt. Way to go guys.

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