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The Purposeful Primitive.

I wrapped up reading a very memorable book by Marty Gallagher titled The Purposeful Primitive. It has loads of information on power lifting; likewise, it encompasses topnotch information on building muscles and strength, losing fat, dieting strategies, and the mind game that is essential for achieving superior results. Marty Gallagher himself having crossed the 50 mark has many wise tips even for the older lifter. One has to study these kinds of books if they are lifting weights in order to reach a goal. To top it all many of the topics are intriguing, and they sooth the mind. After studying the fitness field for many years, I can point towards a handful of books, which are truly worth of being on a fitness coach’s book shelf. Marty Gallagher’s book is one of this I wish I had when I first began lifting weights.

Anybody interested in sculpting their body should seriously consider reading The Purposeful Primitive. This book can be ordered from Flipkart.

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  1. An informative review is indeed shared & thanks to you for that Sir! Systematization & being meticulous always helps an individual to ameliorate him/herself. I would certainly read the book – The Purposeful Primitive; & also recommend it to my friends who consider weight-lifting as an important aspect of working out!

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