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The Reason Behind Ice Baths–continued

Ice bath is now extensively practiced by athletes in various fields. For example, in the Australian Open tennis held now i.e. January 13-26 2014, Stanislas Wawrinka asserted the same view. He was involved in an epic battle in the quarter final against Novak Djokovic. They were embroiled for 5 sets. Wawrinka was asked how he would recover from that long onslaught for the upcoming match. He said that he would have to take long ice baths. Similarly, Novak too has pointed in one of his interview that ice baths helped him in recovering fast between matches.

Ha! Right now ice baths seems to be the rage and trend. Is it a fitness fad or, on the contrary, something that is time-tested? Only time can tell.

In the video you can see Novak waiting for his chance to get an ice bath during The French Open.

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