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The Story Of A 60 Year Old Man

What do you have to say about this?   Moreover, what’s stopping you from training now?  Look, it’s never late.  It’s always better late than never.  Wayne Quong story doesn’t stop to inspire you.  What’s more amazing is as Wayne himself says he started training three and a half years ago.   However, most of the movements he performs will humble many of us.

As Wayne says, “The only way you can live your life to the fullest is to be as healthy as you can be….  That’s why I train.”  Always believe when they say that you are not yet too old to change.

However, now I know that you are all set to provide reasons about his ability.  You say that perhaps Wayne is genetically gifted to withstand the ravages of old age related ill-health.  You should know that Wayne was diagnosed with frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis).  Yet he didn’t succumb nor complain.  On the flipside, Wayne turned the tables and has become an unstoppable force.

It reminds me of what George Bernard Shaw says about old age.  He says, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop growing.”  Bang on!

I thank Ross Enamait for sharing the video in his blog.  Last but not the least, listen to him if you don’t believe me.

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