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The Strongest 80-Year Old

This is Wolfgang Sadowski, the strongest 80 year old in the world.  He lives in Germany.  He’s an 80 year old master’s weightlifter and has been lifting since 1955.  He lifts in the 94 kilogram class and Olympic snatched 87.5 kilograms and clean and jerked 110 kilograms.  Now he’s going for a World Record for the plus 80 years old class.

By the way, the video is in German, but I believe you will understand the message.  About competing he says, “I have broken previous records but I have to do it in a competition. I have won German championships but that’s only recognized as a German record and not as a world record. You have to do an international competition with international competitors and topping weight control. Only then would it be recognized.”

Look at the way he lifts weights.  You can never say that he is 80 years old.  Use your body or lose it, folks.  I am reminded of Henry Rollins famous quote on why you should lift iron.

Don’t forget to watch the video.


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