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The Strongest Shall Survive.

Another Friday has come, and we at the play ground have relentlessly gone ahead with the routines.  What I like the best part about Friday drills is that most of my gym members look forward to these drills.  Mind you, these Friday drills will test your endurance and functional strength, but my clients continue to participate and enjoy it.  For example, I heard from my clients that today’s cone drill were very challenging.  Most of them were totally exhausted by their 5th and last round.

The saying in gym parlance goes that The Strongest Shall Survive.   Bill Starr, who was a football strength coach, has written a book which is titled, “The Strongest Shall Survive.”  I know that very few of us would accept this statement.  Never mind.  Bill Cosby, the famous American comedian, actor, author, producer, and activist had rightly said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”  We are not here to please everyone, for I have heard many negative reviews about my gym, as many have said that the workouts are too tough and that such hardship is unnecessary.  Well, I have my strong reasons to support my views.  Moreover, each individual is guided  according to his fitness level, age, previous training experience, and health.   For example, a beginner who is naive to the routines which is outlined in the video  is simply not pushed to go through it.  The clients who have participated in these drills are extremely fit because of years of training.

So, you may ask me what is the correct routine?  There is no universal approach to the above query.  Any sensible fitness trainer would know that prescribing a routine is contextual.  Now, go ahead and enjoy the video.

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