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The Thought For The Day.

I don’t remember how many times I have blurted out in the gym that any kind of distraction during a workout is intolerable. Bradley J Steiner the Iron Guru had said, “Distraction is a physical culturist’s worst enemy.” These words of wisdom from a world famous strength coach have to be viewed carefully. You should know that Steiner is a very well reputed strength coach, who has written several classical books on natural bodybuilding, powerlifting and strength training. He has also authored numerous strength training articles for many of the leading magazines from the late 60’s to the current day.

We know that to achieve something good out of any discipline requires concentrated effort. Yet we assume that no matter what, results are bound to come. It disturbs when I observe that some of gym clients talk and laugh before performing a set. They actually fare worst than this: Right before executing a heavy deadlift or a squat they incessantly chat and make jokes.

I believe this to be a sin. The workouts to be productive, requires absolute focus. You have to be in the zone–you have to maximize your energy. For instance, I personally don’t speak or talk with anyone when I train. If at all I open my mouth, it will be with my training partner with regard to weights that have to be loaded or unloaded. As a result, it is relatively easy for me to gain strength and bodyweight but to lose fat, for my efforts are always focused. Unfortunately, many of my gym clients complain that they are not victorious in their endeavors. How on earth can you ever think that you will achieve good results with half-hearted efforts?

The sentiments expressed by Steiner is also upheld my Marty Gallagher in his Magnum Opus, The Purposeful Primitive. Marty says, “Too often civilian trainees coast through their workouts and use training time as social inter-action time. How many times have I walked into a commercial gym and seen folks gabbling away to the person on the cardio machine next to them, or yakking it up with an acquaintance? The most unpardonable sin of all is when they talk to each other during a weight training set. Blasphemy
”Innocent, but not harmless; I consider conversation in the gym the equivalent of an energy leak. You have a finite amount of energy when you walk through the door of the gym to train. Every conversation, every belly laugh, every engaged interplay, depletes the precious finite energy reserve to a slight or significant degree. Conversation prevents heightened awareness.”

I hope you all take my message in good spirit.

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  1. Dear Vishwa,
    I was just loudly wondering if you have read a book entitled “apprentice to himalayan master” written by a gentleman who calls himself as sri.M, his name being Murtaza Ali. If you haven’t, I will try to get a copy for you. It is out and out philosophy but what inspires you is the hardship a yogi goes through during his path to enlightenment.

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