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The Undying Spirit Of An Athlete

The Olympics is now held in Rio, Brazil.  The competitive spirit of the event is soaring high.  The aura can be felt in the air.  So many inspiring stories emerge, and their competitive skill is in the firing line.  Yet we come to see only the competitors who win.  Believe me, you will find several inspiring stories likewise when you look at the losers.  Four year of struggle is tested in a short time. Similarly, the accompanying video is no less intriguing.

The best part about watching a competition is viewing the undying spirit these competitors carry.  The fire in the belly these competitors carry is unmatched.  For example, Rafael Nadal has won fourteen staggering Grand Slams. Moreover his competitive years are marred with career threatening ailments.  Yet he wants to compete.   It’s not about winning one more Grand Slam or an Olympic medal but something beyond that that allures him and other competitors likewise.  Perhaps, it’s the craving to compete at the highest level that makes them hungrier to strive hard.

In the video you can see that the competitor has lost the ability to run as her body has given up.  Yet the mind which rules the roost hasn’t budged.   When the body is screaming to stop the mind carries her forward.  The warrior mindset of hers rightly suggests her to complete the treacherous task.

As Frank Forencich acknowledges it’s not the muscles who are running the show, but it’s the brain which creates the distressing sensation, which we interpret as muscle fatigue. So, it’s the mind which matters.  This shows that more importance has to be exhibited towards fine tuning the mind.  No doubt we are not champions at anything as we don’t have the warrior mindset.  Perhaps, we can train the mind to act strong.  Vergil says, “They can because they think they can.”   The quotation sounds apt at this context.

PS:  I was fortunate to watch the women’s marathon yesterday—14th August.  As you know that in a marathon the distance covered is forty two kilometers.   I am always startled to watch athletes run a marathon.  Running a marathon is not only about physical prowess but also a tremendous mental battle.  On a similar note, I find a marathon more beautiful than a hundred sprint, as the mental tenacity of the athlete is really tested in a marathon, I believe. The event was won by Jemima Sumgong of Kenya.  She ran the race in two hours twenty four minutes.


Watch the video and get inspired.

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