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The Unsung Heroes

I am glad to state that these men have won laurels to our state. All these men have won awards in the national level Powerlifting meet held at Kozhikode, Kerala. I feel more proud to state that these men are associated with me, for we all preach the iron mantra. Perhaps, we possess diverse ways. But we all believe in getting stronger.

Allow me to introduce all the three powerlifters:

As you all know that Sujay Janardhan is a respected friend and a fellow member of the iron junky fraternity. He is making great strides in powerlifting at a national level. He was placed 2nd in the 105 kilograms class in the national level competition held at Kozhikode, Kerala.

Harish, owner of Superbodies gym in Banashankari is also caught by the powerlifting bug. He too is making great inroads in the powerlifting arena. He was placed 4th in the 93 kilograms class in the national level competition. If any of you is willing to involve in the sport of powerlifting, you can enroll at Superbodies.

Subramanya, sweetly called as Subbu, 39 years old, has been in the sport for 21 years in competitive form. He has won numerous awards. I believe it will be a long list if I state the number of awards he has won and continues to win. It will suffice to state that he was won awards from the university level to the national level. For example, in the recently held Asian Bench Press event held at Kazakhstan he won a bronze medal.

I am posting the videos of the competition held at Kerala.

PS: I will conduct a Q and A with Mr Subramanya, for I believe there is a lot to learn from a champ who is still competing. Moreover, I am extremely proud to state that all these men do not take the help of drugs/steroids to compete.

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