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This Man Will Inspire You

This 70 year old man is creating a definite buzz in the internet. How could I distance away from this story? I also like to state that I am envious watching this man. What’s more interesting is that he started lifting weights at the age of 44. He states that he was dealing with an unhappy marriage, and that he found a way out to vent his anger and frustration—to lift weights.

On a similar note, it’s interesting to know that many have found and continue to find great solace in the iron game. Moreover, I could relate to this story. Though I was interested in bodybuilding from my childhood I, however, started to lift weight earnestly right after my graduation. I was depressed for 2 years during my college days—2nd and 3rd year of Bachelors degree. I was engulfed by irritable bowel syndrome, which ruined my self-confidence and health. The only way I thought to acquire my health back was through physical activity—bodybuilding by lifting weights. I also had watched my maternal uncles flexing their muscles whenever they lifted weights. That had left me flabbergasted to say the least. I thought I had a way out be healthy and strong. Believe me, lifting weights which I think is an integral component of a fitness lifestyle didn’t disappoint me, whatsoever.

From my early 20’s to till date I continue to lift weights. Moreover, what turned as an obligation grew as a passion and then became my profession. What more could I ask for? I believe this is a blessing. Now, after 15 long years of leading and teaching a fitness lifestyle I would want to continue to lift weights and be healthy till disability by old age kicks in.

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