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Thought for the day

The one among many things that fascinates me is the loyalty and the selfless trueness a dog exhibits to his master. However, ironically, what intrigues me more is how man ruins the lives of his companion. The dogs are afflicted with diseases which humans are familiar. We can see that the present day canines have diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart problems, kidney ailments, etc. I had thought that dogs like other wild animals would live till their ripe age and then die a natural death. On the other hand, I know that wild animals are always in constant danger from other animals in the wilderness, but not so for the domesticated dog. They can lead a peaceful life. Alas! I pity the domesticated dog. What have we done to you?

Lastly, I will quote Jack Lalanne. He says, “If you woke up your dog up in the morning and forced him to drink a cup of coffee, eat a couple of donuts and then smoke a cigarette-they’d have you arrested for animal abuse.” I believe you understand what he says. He is stating you not to abuse your body with junk food; on a similar note, he also blurts that the same applies to your dog.

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