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Thought For The Day

“If it is important to you, you will find a way.   If not, you’ll find an excuse.”


The message in this statement reminded me about a recent conversation I had with one of my gym clients.  He said that avoiding food when invited by friends or family at a gathering is very difficult.  I immediately remembered what Arnold had said about priorities.  He had said that in the beginning your friends may ridicule you for not accepting their offer, but later when they realize that you are dedicated about your opinion they will accept you for what you are.

For example, it’s been ages since I ate in a hotel.  When I was pursuing my 1st year bachelor’s degree I had a terrible attack of irritable bowel syndrome.  I was depressed for three years.  However, I decided if eating at hotels is ruining my health I am not consuming that again.  Secondly, my lifestyle metamorphosed into such a way that I started living the body building lifestyle.  That demanded me to be strict with my diet.  Moreover, I was never a foodie, which helped me tremendously to control the cravings to eat junk.  Till date, that is almost 20 years I have remained extremely strict.  Sometimes I crave for sweets—sweet tooth, and in that case I might eat an ice-cream or a piece of chocolate here and there but over all I remain strict.

Initially, when my friends and relatives knew about my reasoning on being strict with my diet they did chastise me, and some forced me to eat with them.  Later when they realized that I was truly committed with my conviction they don’t trouble me with their opinion.

I believe it depends on how committed you are to your goal.  You will have several reasons to succumb to the pressures, but that won’t give you lasting happiness.  Only when you know that you have stood the test of time you will breathe a sigh of relief.  However, know that staying healthy and fit is a perpetual battle—the quest never ends.

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