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Thought For The Weekend.

I believe the title should have been Thought For A Lifetime and not Thought For The Weekend. Now, discussing about the quote which I am going to present to you all, it was said by Pavel Tsastouline , who is a world renown authority in strength and a Master kettlebell instructor. He says, “Every gym rat knows that the heavier the weight, the more muscle recruited.” Indeed a very true statement. Infinite number of books have been written about getting buffed, and yet the fact about getting big remains the same. I know that you want ask me and would like to differ on this statement, as gym coaches would have told that moderate weights will do well in building big muscles. Yes, it is true, but the trouble is that hypertrophy of this kind will have no functional ability. You would want a strong and thickly muscled body which will improve your quality of life than being a burden on you.

It should be known that it does require many years of discipline and persistence to become strong and a muscle monster, for we all know that it will help our entire lifetime to stay healthy. I mean the quality of life will be far better when compared to people who don’t exercise because non-exercisers will be frequenting to hospitals more often than we do. Think about it, when you are getting older do you want to frequent your physician more or lead a pleasant life? If you are of the opinion that blood pressure, diabetes, and diabetes related heart diseases go hand in hand with aging then you are absolutely wrong. Exercising intensely and eating the right food will always help you to stay strong, fit, and healthy for a lifetime.

Lifting weights is not only about flaunting your body, but it should be known that the benefits are numerous. If you want to know the benefits of weight training read my previous blog entries. You will find a plethora of information on the same topic in many of my writings. Moreover, weight training is not only for young people as it is thought to be, rather it will do a lot of good to older people too.

Live stronger. Live longer.

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