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Thoughts on Alcohol Consumption

When we talk about nutrition, alcohol consumption is one interesting topic that takes the center stage. It is the number one drug used by many individuals. Alcohol supplies seven calories per gram that is referred to as empty calories—calories without nutrition. To make matter worse, alcohol is the first fuel to be used when combined with carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It postpones the fat-burning process and contrarily contributes to greater fat storage. The calories in alcohol lack the nutrients beneficial for healthy metabolism and so hasten fat storage.

Moreover, recovery from the adverse effects of alcohol takes more time and energy than the most strenuous of training sessions. The damaging effect of alcohol on liver adversely affects the metabolism and slows down the reaction time of the nervous system. Right after the day you drank like an animal you are bound to feel lousy for several hours. Alcohol consumption is completely counterproductive to your goals if your aim is to lose fat.

The only argument in favor of alcohol is that it relaxes the body and reduces tension. Some men boast that alcohol acts as an aphrodisiac and prolongs sex. Others, however, notice that it inhibits sexual performance.

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