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Thoughts On Diet

Fat Loss happens on Monday is one of the several books which I am reading.  It is written by Josh Hills and Dan John.  Dan has an interesting and jovial expression about diet.  Dan says, “My doctor put me on a diet.  It wasn’t enough food, so now I’m on two diets.  Ha!

However, ironically, this is so true.  I believe people in general have a wrong notion about diets.  They think it’s some out of the box idea which will give you overnight result.  They usually think following a diet strategy is a quick fix to their problem.  The problem—weight loss, muscle gain, inch loss, six pack abdomen, etc.

First and foremost, know that healthy dieting is a way of life.  It’s not a quick fix solution.  I agree that there are various diet methods, and some of them are truly effective.   However in general you should start eating healthy.  That should be your first rule.  It apparently means there is no room for junk food—pizza, burger, coke, cake, pastry, bakery products, sweets, chocolates, etc.  The next question you ask me is then what’s healthy?  I believe most of the home prepared foods are healthy.  Nonetheless, there can be few exceptions.  For example, whenever there is social gathering we tend to cook loads of unhealthy foods like deep fried items, sweets, etc.  We cook loads of carbohydrates and wreak havoc to our health by an upsurge of high dose of endogenous insulin levels.   A high level of insulin in your blood is very unhealthy and hazardous.

Nonetheless, I would like to further tweak your diet strategy though it’s home prepared, as there seems an over emphasis on carbohydrates.  Primarily, you cut down your carbohydrates, and add a portion of protein—eggs, sprouts, chicken, fish, low fat cheese, etc.  It would definitely benefit you if these changes are made to your daily diet.  Moreover, as I stated before, your spouse or mother would provide an ample emphasis on carbohydrates and might also be stressing the importance of consuming greens and veggies, which, by the way, is true.

Yet, I reiterate and strongly believe that the missing link to our diet is the lack of protein.   If you start emphasizing on eating regular protein and adding resistance training to your daily regimen you can see everlasting changes—fat loss, muscle building, controlling unabated sugar level in the blood, controlled cholesterol levels, etc.

Last but not the least, when it comes to fat consumption I agree with what Dan John says.  In his book titled Before We Go he says, “Avoid fats made in a lab.  Butter comes from cows, olive oil from olives, but extracting oil from corn takes a lab.”  Moreover, avoid any food products that come with extra shelf life.  They are packed with trans-fat and hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is prepared in a lab—extremely unhealthy, to say the least.

Let me paraphrase my write up by quoting Dan John.  In his book titled Before We Go he says, “Choose good foods and don’t get too caught up in the diet wars.  You probably already know exactly what you need to do to clean up your diet.”

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