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Thoughts On Diet.

  • By Vishwanthar on Nutrition

  • December 24, 2010

I don’t ask my clients to cut down their caloric intake.  I know that it will surely help to lose weight. But more than a decade of experience has taught me that cutting down way too many calories is a bad precept.  The pitfalls/after effects of cutting down the calorie has a vicious effect on the mind and body.

Cravings is a regretful occurrence that many of us cannot escape, for it is extremely painful to control hunger pangs.  Going against ones  desires can be very tough, as most of us tend to eat more food than needed.  In such circumstances it is difficult to eat less.  A saner approach to lose weight would be to eliminate junk foods and start eating more of unprocessed foods.  For example,  choosing unpolished rice instead of white rice, whole wheat instead of maida, and fruits instead of fruit juices, would surely help.  All kinds of sweets, chocolates, bakery products, ice-cream, and processed cereals like maggi, corn flakes should be avoided.

When you are in doubt regarding what food to be consumed, relying on the Glycemic index (GI) may help.  Glycemic index ranks foods on how they affect your blood glucose levels.  Carbohydrates that breakdown quickly during digestion release glucose rapidly in the bloodstream and typically have high GI. Carbohydrates that breakdown slowly release glucose more gradually in the bloodstream, have a low GI.  Sugar, sweets, chocolates, processed foods, and certain fruits contain a high GI and should be usually avoided.  On the contrary, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fruits like apple, orange, and cherries all do have low GI and so should be consumed more often.  For, in general one can rely on the GI to provide a satisfactory and reliable information about the food we consume.

Last but not the least, get your arse up and workout on a regular basis.  Believe me, physical training is the most important component in changing your body composition.

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