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Time For A Rugby Match.

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • November 22, 2010

Its time for another rugby match between morning and evening batch. This time I feel the evening batch is not upto the mark, for their conditioning is not as good when compared to the previous matches. Anyhow, I have asked both the batches to change their routine, for I want them to work more on their conditioning, as I want them to peak on December 11th. So, it will be more of road work from now onwards, as rugby involves loads of running.

Here is the schedule I have asked them to commit for 20 days:

Mondays: Working on legs, but specifically more reps within a time frame to increase lung capacity and conditioning.
Tuesdays: Running.
Wednesdays: Road work again.
Thursdays: HIIT
Friday: Road work
Saturday: HIIT

So, if you see the above schedule, it is aimed more towards improving their lung capacity and conditioning and should not be performed for longer duration. You may lose some fat but may also end up losing few pounds of muscle. Muscle loss may occur because weight training has taken a back seat. Running frequently may cause knee joint injuries, and performing HIIT often may cause burn out. That being the reason I cannot recommend this routine to anyone for a longer time.

If you have noticed the routines of athletes, they all peak only when the competition is scheduled, but they do not and should not peak year round. Preparing for the competition
requires the competitor to be at his best for the scheduled match. For example, boxers or wrestlers have to be in the required body weight class, and at the same time work on their conditioning, strength, explosiveness, and power. When it comes to preparing for the rugby match we play, we need to hone our conditioning, for rugby involves great deal of running, as stated above.

PS: All the competitors who are in the rugby team are requested to consume more carbohydrates and healthy fats, for that will help you in recovering better.

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